Quotable Quotes

Sometimes, we are amused:
  • "Swell is the work of the devil." - Nicole from SV Bella Star
  • "I'm waiting to get my boat feet..."  -  Jeff (Bonus crew for 2 weeks in Mexico)
  • "Has everyone Bañoed that needs to Baño?" - Dana talking to the group as we were getting off the boat. (Bonus crew for a month and another 10 days, in Mexico)
  • "Happiness is a clean bottom." - Rick, when we splashed Nyon after a stint in the boatyard, in San Carlos
  • "Hey sailors, [...]should you be called Yarders for the moment? (Hey - another thought: When your muscles get all tired out from sanding/painting the bottom, is that called yard-arm?"  - Bjarne, in an e-mail to us when we were in the boatyard (Bonus crew for 2 weeks, in Mexico)
  • Kyra: "I can't believe you still can't read my mind after 17 years..." Rick: "I know, and it doesn't even matter how bold the print is!" - Just another conversation after a miscommunication regarding some boat project or other.
  • Rick: "Is a bag a boy or a girl?" After a pause, (it took a second to compute), Kyra replied: "Boy."  - Rick's French lesson while standing in line at the grocery store in Papeete.

This page was inspired by our friends Bjarne and Barb's website: svfreya.ca

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