Crew of Two

Hi there! For those of you that don't know us well or at all, and may be wondering who these crazy people are that plan to take a wooden sailboat to places beyond the blue horizon... Well, here is a little about us.

Rick was born and grew up on the west coast of Canada. He is kind of known as a guy who dances to the beat of a different drum. (And by the way, he's a great dancer!) He likes problem solving, and only sometimes does it involve swearing. He's a sucker for potential, and he's a dreamer who has no problems breaking a sweat for something he believes in. His professional life has taken him through years of working in technical theatre, with a few years working as a pyrotechnician and doing theatre systems installations. At 37, Rick changed course entirely and decided to go into the marine industry. By then, we dreamed of having a boat and cruising offshore. His reasoning was: "If I'm going to have a boat, I want to get trained and paid to work on boats so I can learn to fix my own." In May 2011, Rick finished his apprenticeship as a marine repair technician, (shipwright). He already runs his own company Off the Hook.  For a quiet guy, Rick can talk your ear off about boats if you let him. He's definitely hooked.

Kyra is not quiet. She can talk about anything. In French or English. And she's kind of goofy. Passionate is the word she would use to describe herself. Tempestuous is the word Rick uses. (If you look in a thesaurus, you'll see they're considered synonyms, just to clarify, ahem.) Kyra's professional life is kind of like taking the scenic route. For many years she worked in theatre, as a technician, touring stage-manager and a props builder. She also worked in special education and as a French teacher, among other odd jobs. First and foremost though, Kyra is an  artist. She is also a self-professed xenophile. Coming from a multicultural immigrant family, she has always been fascinated by what differentiates us and what makes us one big human family. Finding a way to combine her love of travel and learning about other cultures with Rick's love of boats was her idea, just so you know. Oh, and turns out, she loves boats too.

How we met (Kyra's version).We met in theatre school. At first, I never thought I'd get a word out of the guy... The year before Rick graduated, we had our first non-theatre related conversation... We were discussing the merits of the song Romeo and Juliet. I prefer the version by the Indigo Girls, while Rick likes the original version by Mark Knopfler. (You can decide for yourself.) After that conversation, I remember thinking: "This guy is different, in a cool way."

Fast-forward two years and we finally both noticed each other... in a more, huh, lustful way. We began dating in August 1995, and moved in together in January 1996. It's been quite the journey since: What with ups, downs and turn-arounds... Eighteen years later we are still having fun with our crazy ideas and wacky dreams. It's never boring, that's for sure.

Our wedding day, July 17, 1999

Nearing the end of our theatre days - 2006

Exploring Port Cros - 2006 Mediterranean Sailing Trip

Cruising the Sea of Cortez October 2012


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