Friday, 20 March 2015

from the land beyond beyond

That's 3 Crouzats, not one
When you live in New Zealand, Canada is a far, far away land. (It’s 13, 056 kilometres away to be exact.) It took us over 2 years to get here. Granted, we did take the scenic route. 

It took them 29 hours. They misplaced a day on the way, traded their winter boots for sandals, and had to slap on some sunscreen in less than 36 hours.

Though it seems sudden from a sailor's perspective, this visit was a long time coming.*

Tramping about
Family is comfortable. Family is complicated. And family can give you a sense of belonging. Ultimately, family makes you realize there are others like you. When I see my mother walking in circles looking for her [fill in the blank], I realize how much alike we are. When my father gets excited about a new adventure (say, parasailing,) I recognize my appetite for new escapades. It’s interesting to see parts of yourself in your family. I have had three weeks to do just that. I have also had the chance to get to know my parents again. I can’t remember the last time I spent 21 days near them. It’s been many, many years. After all, we had lived 5000 km apart for over twenty years before Rick and I left Canada.

A memorable moment: parasailing with dad

Ready for adventure!
While my parents were here, we spent a weekend in the Bay of Islands aboard Nyon. For two landlubbers with mobility issues, I was glad to see how quickly they adapted. We added a step for them to climb aboard and borrowed a dinghy from Rick’s bosses, (a nice, stable inflatable dinghy as opposed to our unstable hard dinghy,) to help my parents’ transition onto Nyon. 

We showed them how to work the toilet, how to use a foot pump to get water, how to hop in and out of the dinghy at the beach. It was interesting to see my everyday life unfold before their surprised eyes. Rick and I had to laugh, we spent all winter rebuilding the settee so it could be used as a berth, and my parents begged us to sleep under the stars in the cockpit. They wanted an adventure.

Tramping on Urupukapuka

Sleeping under the stars... 
Mom at the helm

The gang of 4
We live a very simple life, and it’s an adjustment even for the most easy-going person. Yet, I knew my parents would feel the peace I feel when we are anchored out in the Bay. My love of nature is something I share with my them. They taught me to respect it and appreciate it. Sailing in the Bay was by far the highlight of their visit.

I miss my parents now that they are gone. And while I much prefer sailboats, planes are pretty cool too. It means loved ones can reach you in under 2 days, not 2 years.

Thanks for making the journey mama and papa Crouzat!

*I did spend a brief time with my mother in California prior to crossing the Pacific in 2013, but the last time I’d seen my father was in early 2011.


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