Monday, 3 November 2014

the road files: feeling restless

One of our many tangents: Sandy Bay

Sailing in familiar waters
After nearly a year in New Zealand, we've settled into this little community. Over the winter, our focus has shrunken to daily tasks and work. We finally saw just how worn out Nyon was from intense voyaging, and how much love she needed. We started saving up money, and got our tools out. Our world grew small. Routine became our new normal. 

For those that know me, it will hardly come as a surprise that I've been feeling increasingly restless. Actually, we both have been craving the unfamiliar. Yes, we chose to live here and work here. And yes, we regularly go sailing on weekends in the Bay of Islands. We now have favourite anchorages. But we miss discovering new places. 

Making room for our inner gypsies
That's why this past weekend, we climbed in the car (so kindly loaned to us by our friends who are cruising in Fiji), and hopped on the ferry to Russell. We then drove south along the coast. We weren't going far, we were simply going somewhere new.

On the road again...
Jack's Bay: A landlubber's eye view
We were both giddy, here we were exploring and absorbing this beautiful country from a different angle. For a while, we forgot that we had responsibilities, that we weren't full-time voyagers, and we turned on our curiosity. We rediscovered our gypsy ways, even if only for a brief time. 

This road trip reminded us that there is a lot to discover right here in New Zealand, we won't forget too look again.

Boats out there

Northland's beautiful coastline

There are other ways of living small

Token artsy shot

Our view from the Gallery & Cafe

Happy as a clam

Feeling good

Whale Bay

Whale Bay from up high

Woolley's Beach


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