Sunday, 12 January 2014

the road files: imaginary scenery

Cape Reinga Lighthouse, really.
Happy to be together, rain or shine
We went to Cape Reinga and all we got was a lousy wall of fog. Well that’s not entirely true. We also got lashed with rain and hail, but who’s counting. It was a long way to drive and we’re a stubborn lot. We parked the car and walked to the lighthouse anyway. We weren’t the only ones: quite a few other brave souls hunched their shoulders and pressed on as well. We couldn’t see the nearby islands. We barely distinguished a sliver of ocean, right near shore. We had to imagine the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean swirling together. And we came back to the car soaked. Perhaps we should have paid closer attention to the forecast, but this was a LAND activity, we didn’t need to worry about the weather right? 
(Silly, silly sailors…)

Water! We see water!

And they call me weird...

We refused to be outdone by the lousy weather, and headed for the sand dunes of 90 mile beach. Our luck improved and the skies while still grey stopped dumping on us. 

We kicked off our jandals (flip flops) and scampered among the giant mountains of sand, and lo and behold, we saw the Tasman Sea at last!

Sea-ho! The Tasman Sea shows us her colours after all!
Road trips are fun. Rain or shine. I was glad I was not sailing around the northern tip of New Zealand that day, it would have been ghastly. But we faked it as landlubbers and we did have fun. The day ended with an impromptu stop at the Ngawha Hot Springs.

In case you're wondering, this is no fancy spa. To quote Rick: “It brings the term shabby chic to new extremes.” A little run down but with a friendly atmosphere, the rustic wooden baths still beckoned our weary bones at the end of a long day on the road. A fine, cold mist filled the air as we relaxed into the warmth of thermal energy. And it was good.

That's the Tasman Sea.

Rick: pure and simple

Note: For sunny photos of these locations, check out SV Bella Star's blog post. Just scroll down, you'll see what I mean.

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