Sunday, 29 December 2013

a landlubber's eye view

Dana, our friend and photographer

A lovely old friend joined us on Nyon for the month of December. Of course we took her sailing and explored some of the islands in the Bay of Islands. The following photos were all taken by Dana, in the islands of Urupukapuka and Moturua.

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  1. Your lovely friend is lovely. ;-)

    Remember Mexico and Tom an Jeanne of s/v Eagle? Mexico starting today raised their sales tax to 16%. Tom and Jeanne got a Mexican LLC to work in Mexico, and opened a cruisers store with a partner. Tom also does boat management for people that leave their boats in La Paz during hurricane season, and various other boat projects not necessarily connected to boat management. Jeanne does massage and canvas work. Looks they've settled into the La Paz life style.




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