Friday, 8 November 2013

nz day 5: never eat shredded wheat

My grade nine geography teacher was convinced that was the best way to teach us how to memorize the compass rose. Begin at the top and go clockwise: Never (North) Eat (East), Shredded (South), Wheat (West). The debate aboard the boats doing this journey is more wheat or go for shredded first? Gribs say this one day, and that the next... Who's going to be right? Or is it lucky? We chose to go south, south, south. Our friends stuck more or less to the rhumb line. Yesterday we made great headway in 20 knot westerlies. Overnight, the wind shifted to south-west, so now we're going south-east, that's less preferable. We'll try westing but we don't want to go west-north-west if we can help it, not after all the hard work to go south. I'm dreaming about cereal as we try to decide which way to go...

I'm so glad we're not motoring, (sailing is 100% better), and the sun is shining again. All is well on Nyon. While Rick is snoring, I'm catching up on emails and debating whether to make bread or not. I'm just picturing myself dumping flour on a slightly damp sole. (The sole on a boat is the floor.) I'll let you know if I do (bake and/or spill). An argument for baking is that we are running out of crackers...

Position: 31* 05.333'S 179* 59.484'E
Distance as of 1200 NZST: 147 nm
Heading: 150*T
Speed: 5.6 knots

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  1. Be glad you're not to far west, as one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded slammed into the Philippines on Friday!




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