Tuesday, 5 November 2013

NZ Day 2: surrounded

Last night was a first for us. We were surrounded by the lights of other sailboats who like us, are heading to New Zealand. (It's all about those weather windows.) I counted 6 boats, 2 ahead, 2 beside and 2 behind us... I am sure most of them have left us in their wake this morning. (I see only 2 boats now, I think one of them is Bella Star.)* When we have a choice, we sail, and conservatively at that, because of our old main. It's cool to know all these boats are on the same journey... Some of them we know personally, some of them
we know by name. The cruising community is small after all.

Other than knowing we are not alone out here, especially after that airplane (Airforce Orion) hailed us yesterday, life is routine on Nyon. We sleep, we eat, we adjust sails, we check emails and weather, and so on. Everything is well aboard, and we're both in fine form.

Afterthought: Rediscovered pleasure on this passage - hot chocolate! The weather is just cool enough for a morning cup of hot cocoa. Yum!

*It turns out the two boats near us are our buddies on Bella Star and Dream Time, we were able to chat briefly on VHF this morning with both, fun times.

Position: 25 degrees 42.891'S 179 degrees 58.145'W
Distance as of 1200 NZST: 122 nm
Heading: 205*T
Speed: 5.8 knots

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