Monday, 4 November 2013

new zealand: day 1

We bid farewell to Minerva this morning while munching on Nicole's chai muffins. They were delicious. And what a lovely stay we had there too.*

We are now enjoying a great sail (on a close reach). The winds are fairly light, maybe 10-12 knots, and the seas are pretty settled. The crew is in great spirits. We know to prepare ourselves for anything, (Catherine's wise words). Dream Time has done this trip more than once, and we appreciate their level-headed perspective on the journey. The New Zealand passage has quite the reputationamong North American sailors in particular. As far as Nyon is concerned, we payattention to the weather, and we go hoping for the best. This is a great start though, and we're enjoying it!

* We will post our final impressions (including photos) of Tonga and Minerva after our arrival in New Zealand... This being our last passage of 2013, we're taking you along for this ride first!

Afterthought: We just had Airforce Orion fly overhead, they have been hailing every sailboat that left Minerva today, to track our ports of departure and our intended ports of arrival, including (estimated) dates. That was a bit of a novelty.

Position: 23* 55.800'S 179* 02.313'W
Distance since departure: 22 nm (under way for less than 4 hours)
Heading: 206*T
Speed: 6.2 knots


  1. Kyra, Rick, bon voyage! Its frosty on deck as we cross the Strait, so natch am thinking of you. Your livin my dream! Fair winds.

    1. We miss you Allan! Don't slip on that frosty deck!



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