Tuesday, 26 November 2013

le coup de foudre*

Urupukapuka Island on a sunny day
It took one island. For two weeks, we ran around making plans, thinking ahead, imagining bigger centres. And then we came to this island. It may appear silly to you, but in one afternoon, we both decided we might actually already be where we want to be, for now anyhow. Opua is tiny, and while it’s busy in the summer, we’ve been told it is dead in the winter. I was afraid of feeling stuck, isolated. We wondered if there would actually be work for us here. (We still don’t know.) We almost overlooked this region.

Then, we sailed to the island of Urupukapuka right here in the Bay of Islands. Do you know how pretty it is here? It’s the kind of pretty that’s good for the soul. It’s the kind of pretty that makes you want to breathe deep and give Mother Nature a pat on the back while saying “Well done, my dear, well done.” One thing we had both agreed upon was that wherever we ended up, we wanted to go back to our Victoria habits of regularly sailing away and hiding out on weekends. Well, if we do stay here, we have a huge and beautiful playground to do just that.

A vibrant sunset in Otaio Bay
This is all in the “maybe” and “what if” stage. We’ll leave you with a taste of what it's like in this little haven. Of course, we could still change our minds…

*Le coup de foudre has a literal and a figurative meaning: While it actually means lightning bolt, it is an expression that is used to describe the feeling of "love at first sight".

Getting a little taste of the island the first afternoon (with the
Osprey crew)
There are some pretty cool trees here, this one had real potential
to hold a treehouse!

Yup, definitely chillier

The next day:
Capturing Nyon and Brian mid-sentence

Richard leads us toward Urupukapuka Bay

A nod to the Scottish blood in the family
In my happy place

Dramatic landscape, reminds me a little of East Sooke Park in Canada

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