Tuesday, 12 November 2013

landfall: opua, new zealand

Dramatic skies on the passage
The welcome sight of land
You want to know what a good landfall is like? I'll tell you. We arrived before dark, and the lush green landscape beckoned us into the Bay of Islands. As we neared the channel, a cluster of sailboats raced around us waving, some even shouted "Welcome". That put a smile on our faces. We noticed different smells, like some kind of pine? There are no coconut trees here. (I had to give Rick a hug when he acknowledged the sad truth and pouted.) As we neared the Quarantine Dock, a crowd on the Yacht Clubhouse patio all yelled and waved at us, "Welcome Nyon!" "Congrats on making it here!" How can you not grin. Just when I began to feel how tired I was, my lovely husband had already started heating up leftovers and pouring drinks. That's when I realized I was hungry too. What great timing.

It's quiet here, (we hear voices from the Clubhouse, but that's oddly comforting). What we don't hear is waves slamming on the hull and the wind whistling through the rigging. And we don't have to hang on for dear life anymore, just to stand up. The boat is. so. still. Tomorrow morning we'll be jumping through hoops with customs and then... (To be continued.)

Enjoying one of many sunny days on the passage
Nearing land

Some days were cold

Our first morning in New Zealand
It was cold enough to turn on the propane heater
for the first time in over 2 years...

Position: 35* 18.47'S 174* 7.19'E


  1. Congratulations on another successful passage Nylon crew!


  2. Wow, congratulations to you both--and Nyon. All the best, can't wait to read the next installment. The DV crew.

  3. Way to go. You guys are amazing, and what a ship!
    It's been an experience following your voyage thus far. So great it almost hurts, you know? November storms up here, time to go cruising!

  4. Thanks you guys! We're super happy to be here! It's been a whirlwind, and it's been fun. (Allan, come see us, it's nearly summer here... ;)

  5. We just read all of your passage posts...it is looking likely we are heading to NZ this year!

  6. We look forward to seeing you guys! It's been many moons since Tahiti! :-)



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