Sunday, 10 November 2013

day 7: losing our "canadian"

Thank goodness, day 7 finds us going south again! For a while there, we were zigzagging back and forth without getting anywhere. This will put us in a good position for tomorrow's forecasted easterlies.

I was laughing at myself yesterday. I've been mentioning how chilly it's gotten as we get further south. Well, I looked at the thermometer this morning: it read 19 degrees Celsius. (That's 66.2 Fahrenheit for you Americans.) Yeah, that temperature had me break out not one, but two long sleeved tops that I layered over a tank top and, dare I admit it... Socks! Rick is in denial, while he has graduated to pants, he will not wear socks. He's been gloating about being sock free for over two years, it's a hard one to give up... He may actually succeed in waiting to wear them until New Zealand's winter comes around... I don't put it past him. We've both been wearing shoes too. When I lived in Victoria, 19 degrees was when you broke out shorts and flip flops... It's official, we've lost some of our "Canadian".

That's okay, our friend Dana will help set us back on the right path when she comes for a visit in December. One of her tasks, as our Canadian ambassador, is to bring us maple syrup. Don't worry, we have our priorities straight. Maple syrup, and maybe one of Phillip's Double Chocolate Porters? (We hear NZ has good microbreweries. We look forward to that, but Phillip's is home.) To be honest, just having a friend from Canada come to see us is enough, the rest is just icing on the cake.

Today is overcast, but we have a decent breeze (it's a little moody, but so far it has worked in our favour), and I'm about to have my last Trader Joe's Organic Hot Cocoa... I'm going to sip it very slowly.

Position: 31* 43.891'S 177* 28.0795'E
Distance as of 1200 NZST: 110 nm
Heading: 180*T
Speed: 5.1 knots

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