Saturday, 9 November 2013

day 6: passage fatigue

We've reached that stage. It's that time in a passage when we get busy fantasizing about "after we get there". It's not the healthiest way to spend one's awake moments on passage, it can provoke impatient outbursts or lethargic behaviour... but it passes the time. I'll let you in on a little secret (if it isn't obvious yet), although amazing moments abound on passages, as a whole, I'm just not a fan. I find them tiring, and at times frustrating. I'm calling it passage fatigue.

If you're wondering about what we dream of, "after this", well it's simple stuff really. A good night's sleep. A celebratory drink or two with friends. Coffee. A washing machine. Yes, you read that right, I'm told there is a laundromat with many washing machines in Opua. I'm excited to use a machine to do laundry, yes, really. In the 8 months since we left Mexico, we indulged in machine-washed laundry once. It was a $30 splurge in Bora Bora. And that was just 3 loads. Wash only. You see why we wash our laundry by hand out here. Bed sheets, towels, you name it. So imagine how exciting it will be to dump it all in at once, sit back with a coffee
and a good book and wait. Ah bliss.

Back to present time: I love that the sun has been shining on us for the past three days. That is definitely good for the morale.We're bouncing and rolling in these boisterous seas, the wind is whistling through the rigging and the waves continuously splash on Nyon's hull, with the occasional loud bang of a stray wave. I'm sipping my hot chocolate, wishing I could pour a little almond tequila in there, but knowing better. That's something to savour when we arrive. For now, I brace myself against the stove drawer as I type emails and stories.

We're headed WNW today. We have no choice really. At least we're nearing the rhumb line again. I sure hope the Gribs are right and that Tuesday is the magic day. Easterlies are predicted: that would mean Nyon could point directly to our destination. We just have to get through tomorrow, (winds on the nose). Cross your fingers for those easterlies, I'm crossing mine!

Position: 30* 57.176'S 178* 12.005'E
Distance as of 1200 NZST: 114 nm
Heading: 280*T
Speed: 5.1 knots

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