Thursday, 31 October 2013

Minerva: We made it!

It took longer than we expected, but we are now tucked away in Minerva Reef!
Tucked away is a bit of a strong word, considering we're anchored next to a
fringing reef that peeks above the water surface only here and there.

It was so strange as we approached, and all we could see were a few boats bobbing in the middle of nowhere. It is only as you get
near the reef that you see some coral. Now inside the reef, it's nice and flat and the wind has died down to nothing. Rick is off
helping our buddies on Dreamtime with their starter motor, and I'm reorganizing the boat for the couple days we'll be here. We may
leave Sunday or Monday for New Zealand. Depending on the weather information we gather.

We didn't get through this first leg unscathed, but we're luckier than some of the boats that have gotten here. (You know how it
goes, things break, or bend in our case.) We had our anchor get just loose enough to cause some cosmetic damage at the bow, and the
combination of the force of the waves and a loose anchor bent one of the uprights of the bow pulpit. Something else to add to the
list. This mishap makes me feel a little sick, because I attached the safety line in the wrong spot and that may have caused the
anchor to get loose. We heard a weird noise while under weigh, but it took a while to locate it and remedy the situation.

Then again, our buddies are having engine troubles, and someone else's backstay adjuster broke on the way here. We got off easy
comparatively. Passages can be hard on boats. This crew is just tired now. And quite happy for this little break on the way to New
Zealand. The first leg is done. Only 700+ nautical miles to go!

Position: 23* 37.550'S 178* 54.033'W

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  1. I can't wait to see your pictures, and hear about observations of the reef. One thing you can do to feel better about the damage your anchor did, is to be the person that sees to it the repair work is taken care of when you get to NZ. You break it you fix it...or get it fixed.I'd much rather have a bent upright than engine problems.




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