Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Minerva Day 1: so long tropics

Is it time to say goodbye flip flops? Well, it's true that we are saying
goodbye to the tropics for the time being. Luckily we'll be in New Zealand for
the beginning of summer, we can hang on to those flip flops a little while
longer... And perhaps the transition won't be too much of a shock!

We're on our way to Minerva Reef, where we'll stop before going on
to New Zealand. We had plenty of wind yesterday (we saw up to 27 knots,
not too shabby) and today we're down to 17 knot winds from the south-
east. Nyon is rocking and rolling, the old girl is working hard. We're making
great time and hope to get to Minerva by tomorrow morning. That'll leave us
another 700 or so nautical miles to get to Opua, NZ.

There were blue streaks breaking apart the clouds this morning and the sun
peeked through. Now the sky is a milky shade of grey. This passage already
feels pretty routine, in a bouncy way. I'm glad we decided to stop at Minerva,
it'll give us a chance to catch our breath, pre-cook more food, make a few
adjustments and ready ourselves for a weather window that'll take us right into

The following information was taken at 0615 NZST on October 31.

Position: 22* 06.600'S 176* 51.697'W
Distance since departure: 124 nm
Heading: 231*T
Speed: 6.4 knots

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  1. That should be a unique place to visit.




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