Friday, 18 October 2013

a pastoral symphony

Aisea Beach from the boat
There is an abandoned pearl farm on Aisea Beach1 and behind it, a set of crooked concrete stairs lead up a cliff. We climbed the stairs while listening to flying foxes squawking and screeching in the bushes. These fruit bats “of an unusual size” are everywhere here.

When we reached the top, we discovered a strangely pastoral scene. Two ruts that pass for a road, run through farmlands and rolling hills dotted with mango and palm trees. Simple barbed wire fences line these fields. A work shack stands alone in one field. The fences eventually disappear as the terrain becomes wilder and becomes a forest.

First glimpse after reaching the top of the cliff

The occasional moo of a cow and the sound of chirping birds accompanied us as we made our way past the fields and into the forest on the peninsula. When we reached the water, we paused on the beach and ate a freshly cracked coconut while we counted our lucky stars.

Country roads... (There must be a song in here


Nyon loving it here

The Coconut-man in action

Enjoying a quiet moment

View from the end of the peninsula

1 Aisea Beach is on the south side of Pangaimotu, the Moorings charter company refers to this anchorage as #10.

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