Sunday, 13 October 2013

a month of tonga

We've been tongaing for 30 days. We had to renew our visas, since we're still
here. The Vava'u Group has been very forthcoming; it's been hard to leave.

It is time to prepare for a (possible) hop south to Nuku'alofa (in Tongatapu)
before our crossing to New Zealand. (Or we may leave directly from Vava'u, the
decision hasn't been made yet.) Everyone is trying to make sense of the weather
patterns in the area and talking about good weather windows. The seasons, they
are a'changing.

It feels like we are nearing the end of a chapter. And we are. Our plan is to
settle down in New Zealand for a while. A place with a little more stability,
where it's easier to be in touch with loved ones and focus on other projects, is
quite appealing right now. It's time to recharge the batteries and fill the
cruising kitty. (We hope to get work visas.)

We've been squeezing Tonga for all its worth. We've explored many islands,
snorkelled a lot, marked a birthday complete with bonfire on the beach and a
Kava ceremony.(Thanks Osprey for the Kava! And thanks to Rick, Dragonsbane,
Kyanos,and Red Sky Night for a great night.) We found many reasons for
revelling, but we also had too many items added onto our chore list. It seems
that as we near the end of this leg, things are breaking more often, and we are
dropping things in the water far too frequently. I think it is burn-out. Nyon is
dog-tired, and so are we. We have loved this journey across the Pacific, but we
need a break.

Having said all that, exploring Tonga has been great fun. We hope to share some
of it with you soon. It's been impossible for us to post photos on the blog, our
laptop is on the fritz and won't connect to the Internet. We are sending this
post via SAT e-mail. Bear with us: we'll share a few stories before we leave

A shout-out to our Canadian families and friends: Happy Thanksgiving! There is a
lot to be grateful for, yet we miss you all so very much! With love, from Tonga.

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  1. It's always good when you check in, so we know you're still with




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