Friday, 25 October 2013

a lape welcome

Path through the village
On Lape Island, the seven families living on the island make a village. In this village, they welcome visitors and twice a month they also offer a Tongan feast for guests to Tonga. This include a tour of their village. Kolio was our host and he was happy to share his world and traditions with a fairly large group of us. It felt a little strange to walk around viewing village life, even a little voyeuristic, but the experience was interesting. The feast was delicious: there was a roasted pig and many fish dishes. I didn’t take pictures of the spread but here are a few from around Lape Island.

Pretty colours

Kolio talks about his village

Kolio shows Petra (SV Dolphin of Leith) how to
bottle feed the young kid

Just because

Home sweet home

Fin (SV Dolphin of Leith) befriends the Lape children

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