Monday, 16 September 2013

tonga day 3: the place where time begins

Greetings from tomorrow!

Tonga refers to itself as "the place where time begins". My today is your
tomorrow (if you are east of us!) We lost an entire 24 hours... It
disappeared in a wink, just like that. They say one should savour every
minute of life, but what happens when 1440 minutes just disappear? Rick and
I feel like time travellers... Geeks much?

In case you're wondering, we have arrived in the Vava'u Group of Tonga! Of
course, as we entered the channel, we found out it was the prince's birthday
today.(Tonga is a monarchy.) That is a civic holiday here, so we aren't
officially checked in yet. Through radio calls with SV Sea Whisper and SV
Osprey, we figured out what to do. We are tied to a mooring. We can't get
off the boat, but that's okay. We'll take this as a lounging kind of day
for us. We're not exhausted, just a little tired. We had a nice, easy
passage here from Niue. Tomorrow, we'll officially check in, and step on
land once again.

Position: 18* 39.526'S 173* 58.986'W

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