Saturday, 14 September 2013

tonga day 1: on the sea again

We're on our way once again. This time, we're headed for the Vava'u Group in
Tonga. This blog has become one passage report after another... We
are swallowing up a lot of distance in a short time. It has been decided,
our goal is to be in New Zealand for the cyclone season, but first, we'll
be exploring some of Tonga for the next month!

The sun is shining, we have more wave action and less wind than we'd like,
the forecast lied... At least it's not pouring, and the wind warnings are
over. It's one or the other it seems. We're cool with the chill version for
once. Although it's looking more and more like we'll have to do some

Position: 18* 48.118'S 171* 12.649'W
Distance since our departure (19 hours): 84 nm
Speed: 3.2 knots
Heading: 243*T

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