Saturday, 7 September 2013

niue is swell

Hello world!

We arrived in Niue just before sunset on September 5, (that's 2 days ago).
The anchorage is still recovering from strong westerlies (the worst
possible wind direction for this anchorage, as it's completely exposed to
the west). The swell keeps things interesting aboard. (That song from Blues
Brothers comes to mind... "Rolling, rolling, rolling...")Luckily, the winds
are projected to shift to S, SE, and E in the next few days.

Yet, we are already charmed by this tiny island that is 1600 inhabitants
strong. This is the smallest country we have ever visited. The people are
friendly, the landscape is lovely, but the dock is... Well, in certain
conditions it's a rite of passage that includes heart palpitations.

We'll write more about this place as we discover it. The Internet is
particularly slow here, so I'm sorry to say you'll have to wait before we
can post a full report on Suwarrow or Niue, and it's impossible to upload

Life is good, and we're getting adept at catching objects that fly off the
galley counter. That would be practically everything at this point.

Position: 19* 03.238'S 169* 55.391'W

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  1. It's good to hear you made your destination with out problems, and you've been able to put your feet on land again. How do you get fuel there? How are the prices for things?




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