Thursday, 5 September 2013

niue day 6: the last bit is the longest

Niue is a mere 20 nm away, but we have to go around to the west side, so
technically, we have 30 nm to go before we arrive. And we can't wait! We will
likely arrive well after dark, as the wind is blowing dead on the
nose. Luckily, this is one harbour that is safe to arrive at after dark.
Still, it always makes us a little anxious to arrive without the protection
of daylight.

We decided to motor the last 40 miles as tacking back and forth to get
there would take another two days, and we just don't have it in us. We have
things to fix, friends to meet up with and sleep to catch up on.

Position: 19* 17.460'S 169* 40.443'W
Distance in 24hrs: 103 nm
Speed: 3.8 knots
Heading: 293*T

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