Friday, 20 September 2013

empty rooms in empty houses

Niue is a shrinking country. No, not the island herself, but many of her inhabitants have chosen a life elsewhere. I became fascinated with the abandoned houses we passed by in our explorations around the island. I started photographing them. I love a good story. Storytelling, be it through visuals or words, is my passion. And these houses’ stories are pure mystery.

A house that is in ruins contains the tears and laughter of her past occupants but we cannot hear them. As nature takes her course and the house begins to break down, roots make their way through her floors and branches poke through her roof. The house takes a life of her own. Her inhabitants become a long lost memory, and she begins to write her own story.

In the following photos, I try and capture each house in her state of disarray, leaving many questions unanswered, while finding beauty in the decay.

My favourite house is below...

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  1. In time everything reverts back.




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