Tuesday, 3 September 2013

beveridge reef day 4: musically speaking

There's this song by Rod Stewart. Yep, Rod Stewart. I'm almost embarrassed to
admit I like this song, but hey, what can you do. Sometimes it takes a cheesy

And it's perfect for a passage. Of course, it's called "Sailing". When it
plays on the stereo, I always have to belt out the refrain... I'm a little
quieter with the verses, I usually muddle them up.

I look over the horizon, and feel the pull of the wind on Nyon as she
slides down waves, and I feel happy. It doesn't take much. A bit of wind, a
touch of sun, a song and a mate.

Life at sea is pretty damn nice today.

P.S. One more day and we should be making landfall. Okay, that's a bit of a
stretch. We'll arrive at the coral reef and take a deep breath. Maybe we'll
play Rod's song again. But it's just not the same at anchor. It's a sailing
song after all.

Position: 18* 37.543'S 166* 49.991'W
Distance in 24hrs: 117 nm
Speed: 4.3 knots
Heading: 209*T

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