Monday, 2 September 2013

beveridge reef day 3: some days are better

And this is why patience pays off. Oh who am I kidding! I wasn't patient at
all yesterday. Right. Far from it, but had I been patient, I would have
been rewarded with the same conditions today. That is, without the fretting
and frustration, the wind would still be blowing steady right now. We're
beating into 15 knot winds, sailing at around 5 knots, and it's great.
I'll take it. For however long it lasts.

I love sailing when there is wind. I really do.

P.S. The solenoid is hanging on, so not only there is wind, but we can eat
rice again!

Position: 17* 09.886'S 165* 33.909'W
Distance in 24hrs: 96 nm
Speed: 5.1 knots
Heading: 209*T

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