Sunday, 1 September 2013

beveridge reef day 2: two steps forward, one step back

I never thought I'd be so happy to see the anemometer say 9.3 knots. After
a night of intensely fickle winds, to no wind at all, it's a relief.
Intense and fickle seem to be an oxymoron. Perhaps the intense part is the
frustration the crew felt with the situation. And perhaps enduring the
multiple downpours overnight, while watching our boat moving backwards on
the chart plotter did not help either. What can I say, we didn't sleep
much, bickered some, and then got over it.

After a couple gybes, I have managed to get us pretty much on course again
this morning. We're actually sailing at 4.3 knots as I write this. Phew. (At
noon, the wind was back down to 3.9 knots. Oh well.)

Now, if only our propane solenoid would want to stay on. We haven't been
able to cook anything since last night. Rick is pondering a plan of attack.
We don't have much to eat aboard that doesn't require at least some amount
of cooking. I am trying to not let that bother me. I hope I don't have to
live on peanuts for the rest of the passage. Lately, it seems that with
every passage, something breaks. It's always a little more discouraging in
the middle of the night. (A couple hours later: it seems to work for now.
Fingers crossed!)

Livin' the dream baby! I have to laugh, reality is so full of... unexpected
twists. But once again, the sun is shining. There is that.

Position: 16* 05.523'S 164* 31.969'W
Distance in 24hrs: 83 nm
Speed: 2.9 knots
Heading: 201*T

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