Sunday, 18 August 2013

day 6: it's about time!

We made it!

The last 24 hours were... slow. The wind gods were laughing at us, I'm sure
of it. We actually motored for 1 1/2 hours last night, as well as 3 1/2 hours
today. Sometimes, it's like that. If we didn't have to worry about our
arrival time, we'd have just sailed (we have limited fuel capacity), and
we've been known to sail at 1.9 knots. But we definitely wanted to arrive
before dark, as we didn't know the pass and the anchorage has a lot of coral
heads. Plus, we'd been told the park rangers preferred that sailors arrive
before 4 p.m. (They have to check us into the country.)

This passage had multi personalities: we had it all, sunshine, heavy rain,
20+ knot winds, no wind, 4 metre swells, relatively flat seas... A lot can
happen in 6 days.

Now, we're in a lovely spot, with 10 other boats. Happy to be here, Rick
checked the anchor accompanied by two young reef sharks. When he checked the
depths of reefs behind us, he wished he'd had his pole spear, according to
him, we would have had parrotfish sashimi tonight. So many things to look
forward to!

Position: 13* 14.845'S 163* 06.561'W

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on making Suwarrow!

    I found plenty of other sailor's blog that had just left or were still on Suwarrow, and found out that the current rangers are not the couple I had read about earlier...sorry about that. Seems like the unwritten custom is to offer the rangers little things they have a hard time getting through normal channels, and they in kind will make your stay more pleasant.

    I'm surprised at how many boats are in the lagoon, and how many black tip sharks are there too. Several blogs state fishing and spear fishing can be problematic with the sharks, as the first smell of blood sends them into a feeding frenzy. Be careful spear fishing!

    Hows the refrigeration doing?




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