Saturday, 17 August 2013

day 5: musings on broken things

It's official. The fridge's compressor stopped working.* We watched in
desperation as the temperature crawled up into the teens. I'm working out
how to salvage cheese, (cheese cloth soaked in vinegar?) Eggs, well they've
already been refrigerated so they won't last as long at room temperature...
I guess we're eating that sausage now. I've read through our manual without
finding answers. Rick has a theoretical understanding of compressors, he
may or may not be able to fix it, he will give it a shot once we arrive in
Suwarrow. I tell myself that many people do (or used to do) this without
refrigeration, but I think I'll really miss cold water and milk.

So that's Day 5. I have had words with the fridge, but right now, I'm
content listening to my growing playlist of all time best songs (according
to me). Inspired by Gab on SV Cariba, I'm aiming for 500 songs. Right now, Tom
Waits is taking me for a ride in his "Ol'55".

We had stronger winds overnight, but today the wind has been fickle, one
minute we have 15 knot winds, the next we're down to 9.9 knots. Either way, we
should get into Suwarrow tomorrow sometime. We have less than 100 nm to go.
Today, is grey, grey, grey, and it's raining on and off. The deck will be
clean after this passage.

Now on the "broken" list (also knowns as the NFG list when we're grumpy):
fridge and autopilot (that's another story).

Mpf,I'm ready for something to fix itself. One can dream, no? For now, I'm
going with the flow... Time to turn up that music. Sometimes it's that easy.

*The compressor has since started to work intermittently... We still need to
attend to it, but at least the temperature has considerably cooled.

Position: 13* 50.558'S 161* 47.130'W
Distance in 24hrs: 134 nm
Heading: 307*T
Speed: 6.5 knots


  1. I know a little about boat refrigeration too. What are the symtoms? Is it an Alder Barbour?


  2. Hey you two...congrats on the 10K sailing......that is awesome. Sorry to hear about the spotty refrigeration, but if everything was really easy out there, you wouldn't have any great stories, and everyone would do it!! Give each other a hug and kiss for us

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle
    The Big Left Turn



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