Friday, 16 August 2013

day 4: finding our rythm

The truth is, passages aren't particularly interesting, at least, not on
paper. You eat, you sleep, you sweat, you wash up, you sail, you check the
instruments, you write, you read... Press repeat.

At the risk of sounding cliché, what makes passage making fascinating are
the little spaces in between the drudgery: yep, those little nondescript
moments. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit blue. Today I'm not. Is it because
the breeze has freshened, and we're sailing at over 5 knots again? Is it that
tender but sweaty hug Rick gave me as we exchanged places in the sea berth,
or was it that song I heard early on in my watch? It doesn't matter.

What matters, is that as a passage develops a personality of its own, we try
to match our inner rhythm to it.(It's like learning to canter while riding a
horse, it's uncomfortable until you learn to respond to the horse's cadence
with your body.)

It's true for every passage. We actually have to relearn this every time we
go off to sea. Each passage is different. Sure, one can argue there are lots of
similarities. A passage is a passage, how different can they be (not counting
storms)? But have you ever seen two identical sunsets?

So we sail on, learning the peculiarities that make this passage unique and
finding comfort in that.

Position: 13* 56.083'S 159* 36.515'W
Distance in 24hrs: 115 nm
Heading: 293*T
Speed: 5.2 knots

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