Thursday, 15 August 2013

day 3: lurching along

I am not sure why this happens to us, but it does. We check the Gribs, they look
good. We leave. The forecast changes after 36 hours. (Meteorology is not black
and white...)

Now we're lurching in 6 knot winds, (we were originally expecting winds in the
teens by day 2). It's not great for the morale, but it's not horrible either.
We're still keeping an eye out for the SPCZ, but so far, we are not experiencing
squalls or the thunder showers predicted for within 100 nm of the trough. Maybe
by crawling to Suwarrow we'll miss the worst of it. Here's a nice touch: the
skies are surprisingly clear.

So we read, watch movies in 10 minute increments. Yes, that's correct. And trust
me, you get used to it. Here's how it goes: Watch a scene. Scan horizon. Look at
instruments. Watch a scene, scan... You get the picture. Actually, we have been
watching Battlestar Galactica (again). We are, shall we say, embracing our
inner geeks. (Our friend on SV Red Sky passed it on to us, thanks Daniel!)

So life is fine. A little on the slow side, but it's part of the deal. When you
sail the oceans, you are vulnerable to Mother Nature's whims. You can't ignore
her caprices like you can on land. There are no barriers. Your boat moves if
there's wind, and if there is almost no wind, it lurches. I have learned to just
give the hull a pat and wait. There are so many life lessons out here. Patience
is high on the list.

P.S. We have now sailed over 10,000 nautical miles since leaving Canada. That's
not bad, eh?

Position: 14* 0.872'S 1576* 43.355'W
Distance in 24hrs: 89 nm
Heading: 329*T
Speed: 2.8 knots

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're making decent progress toward Suwarrow Island.

    I was doing some reading online about Suwarrow Island, and one thing mentioned a couple of times was permission was required to go to this island since it's a preserve. Did you know about that? I understand there is a couple that work as rangers on the main island (husband and wife), and there is only one area you can anchor off the old wharf.




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