Thursday, 8 August 2013

bora bora part II - gratuitous turquoise, goodbyes, and a bike ride

Motoring in a channel with only 0.7 metres under the keel,
no big deal. (My, how things have changed!)

Will you just LOOK at that water
We woke up to sunshine once more and motored away from Bloody Marys after spending 24h there. If you eat a meal at the sandy-floored restaurant, (lunch is more affordable), you can stay on a mooring ball* for free and fill up on potable water at the dock. So we did. Tasty burgers and lots of fresh water later, we headed for the eastern side. We followed the channel around the north end, and then hooked to port into this shallow little channel that brought us to jewel-like waters (again). We anchored near one of those huts-on-the-water hotels, so we could go meet manta rays the next morning.

Wish I had a better photo, there was a fair
bit of plancton in the cleaning zone
There is an area here where manta rays go for a cleaning. Small fish take care of that while the manta rays are busy looking majestic. Early the next morning a group of us went to see the Manta Rays. We observed, awed, as they swam beneath us. We saw many Spotted Eagle Rays too. And fish. It was fabulous. Not much later in the day, Compass Rosey, half of Cariba and all of Nyon went out again for more exploring and snorkeling… The water is incredibly clear in the shallows. We all felt like we were in a pool.

There were more potlucks and gatherings, coconut milk processing and guitar playing. There even was time to lounge in the hammock on the foredeck. In spite of the traffic that went back and forth we didn’t mind this place at all. It did its positive bit to add to our experience. 

That's Mark, jumping from Compass Rosey's

Trying to look cool like Gab

It's a playdate with Compass Rosey!
This is what the water looks like when it's very shallow!

"The girls"
Guess where we are? We (discreetly) crashed the St Regis
and had one last just-us-girls hang by the poolside...
Eventually, we all had to make our way to the west side again. Some people were getting ready to leave, including Nyon. We are sailors. We scatter to the winds. We say goodbye often. So long Compass Rosey, ciao Osprey, goodbye Red Sky! Farewell all you boats and locals we met! (I feel like I should be singing that Sound of Music song: "So Long, Farewell".) Thanks goodness Cariba is still around! It feels a little emtpy right now. 

Yoga on the dock. Last time with Brianna!

The yoga gang

Two of the fab people we were
sorry to say goodbye to
Check out their Facebook page!
Another view of Bora Bora
So to alleviate this empty feeling, we went on a bike ride with Izzy. (Gab caught our cold, poor guy...) The crews of Living and Kiapa lent us their bikes. (Thanks guys!) We circled the island, don't worry,  it's only 32 km and mostly flat. It was fun to stop here and there for snapshots or for a coco glacé (cold coconut water in the coconut). Simply put, it was a chill way to spend one of our last days in Bora Bora.

In case you are wondering, we have decided to take couple days to catch up on boat chores and prep Nyon for the 690 nautical mile passage to Suwarrow. Bora Bora has been a whirlwind, we realized we needed time to breathe deeply before taking off.

Izzy perfects the Venus pose

Rick, raring to go!
(That's what happens when you don't get a flat tire or a broken chain!)

Yup. I'm having fun

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