Sunday, 21 July 2013

sometimes, you just need to say: thanks. a lot.

Haamene Bay on Taha'a Island in French Polynesia
We often get kudos for our accomplishments: you know, sailing abroad, crossing the Pacific and whatnot. But, there is something you must understand. Many souls behind the scenes make following our dreams that much easier. We owe a few special people a very big thank you. After nearly two years abroad, we feel lucky to have loved ones whose caring and kindness have helped us along the journey. In no particular order:

To Rick’s parents, Irene and Doug, who sort through our mail, and remind us who to contact or what bill to pay: thank you. It has to be tedious to go through someone else’s piles of letters and decide what’s important and what’s not. Also for getting together packages that other cruisers kindly brought down to Mexico and for sending us things we needed. Thank you for doing your best to understand as we follow our crazy dreams.

To our friends Barb and Bjarne, their generosity is great: We need a boat part, or a something or other and within hours, they’ll have researched and purchased it, and eventually, they’ll somehow have gotten the item to us. Their willingness to jump in and find the best deal  for us on whatever item we can’t seem to find wherever it is we are, is nothing short of awesome.  I’m sure their cheerfulness during the process is not (just) because of the offer of rum that awaits their next visit aboard Nyon! You guys know you're always welcome!

To Kyra’s parents, Catarina and Bernard: so willing to help out, pitching in in big and small ways, they contributed to the purchase of our new Ipad mini and our pancake breakfasts wouldn’t be the same without maple syrup from home. And then, there are the many lovely emails. Thank you: more than once, you’ve turned a blue day into a sunny day.

Nyon in Opunohu, Moorea
To Kyra’s sister, Anouk: when I landed on your doorstep in California with a list as long as my arm in preparation for our Pacific crossing, you were amazing. You drove me around, made invaluable suggestions, and bailed me out. You let me borrow your car and your credit card when only an American card would do. I mean, seriously: who does that? My big sister does, that’s who: thank you for the hugs and for helping me keep at least some of my sanity.

To our siblings, friends, and relatives: the little notes and messages along the way make us feel a little closer to home when we feel homesick. Thanks for that!

To our posse, you know who you are. You have not forgotten us, and you forgive us for not being in touch as much as we’d like. We feel the love! And for all the goodies you’ve sent along when one or two or three of you have come aboard Nyon for a visit. Every time we burn incense, look at the art on our bulkhead or our mascots scattered about, or even when we use our hippy soap, we think of you. Thank you for being you!

To other cruisers, who in their travels to Canada or the States, were able to bring down stuff for us, from rigging hardware to old fishing rods. Thank you!

To the voyagers we’ve met along the way, for commiserating with us when things get tough, and for reminding us why we do this: the utter amazingness of this wild, wild world. The wonderful kindness of near strangers and new friends has amazed us over and over.

So yeah, there are only two of us in a small boat and we worked hard to sail this far. Funnily enough, we don’t feel like we did it alone. Many times, we had a shoulder to lean on, a loving voice or note to encourage us, or simply, some practical help. Apparently, it takes a village to send a couple of dreamers sailing over the horizon.

And for that, we say thank you.

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