Tuesday, 23 July 2013

mini-post for a pit-stop


Someone's front yard
Huahine is actually two islands joined by a bridge, there is Huahine Iti, and Huhanine Nui. It turns out there are two Maroes as well, one on each island, on opposite sides of the bay. We went to the southern village. Both boats struggled to find a good spot to anchor, but eventually we made do and wandered ashore. (16*45.883’S 150* 59.924’W) Visiting the less frequented spots, allows us to see regular life "in paradise". We like that.

Gab treated us to a freshly cracked coconut as we explored the surroundings. That night was noisy, the anchor chain dragging over dead coral echoed in our heads and sleep turned out to be elusive. Early the next morning, both crews weighed anchor and headed for Taha’a. 

Coconut addict
These pineapples don't grow on trees either

Something interesting up there...

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