Monday, 22 July 2013

i'm sticking with you...

sticky folks
‘Cause I’m made out of glue. That could be our theme song. There are a few unusual songs on the Juno soundtrack that suit our quirkiness as a couple. But that lyric is pretty much us in a nutshell. It’s our wedding anniversary today and we’re somewhere in the South Pacific. If I am to be honest, we’re anchored off an island I had never heard of when I married Rick 14 years ago. But on this day, Huahine is our backyard and love (and stubbornness on bad days) has kept us together for 18 years. That’s worth celebrating!
And to celebrate, we went through the Farerea Pass on the east side of the Huahine, and followed a narrow channel to port. We dropped the hook behind motu Murimahora. (16* 45.860’S 150* 57 560’W) This is a lovely spot mentioned in one tiny paragraph of the Soggy Paws Compendium. We looked at our charts, noted the shallows, and along with our buddies on SV Cariba, we decided to give it a go. The chart showed nine feet of water in some spots, that’s deep enough when you have a 6 foot draft, right? (Honestly, it didn’t even end up being that shallow as long as you watched for coral heads on the edges of the channel.)

As we enter the channel, once inside the reef

It didn't take Rick long
Are we ever glad we went! The water was so clear, we could see the ripples in the sand below. Of course it helped that we were anchored on a sandy plateau, in only 17 feet. It was beautiful. There are a few scattered homes on the motu. The island itself has a few houses lining the shore as well, and a road just beyond them that leads to a nearby village. Unlike Cook’s Bay we didn’t notice the traffic noise. We had decided this would be the perfect pit stop before we hit Bora Bora and its busyness. Happily, Isabelle and Gab thought so too. Drift snorkeling and shared meals later, we researched our next stop, our next country, and pondered a little beyond that over coffee with Cariba and as we’d drift off to sleep in the v-berth. 

A somewhat strong current goes through here, he barely noticed

Fun times with SV Cariba
(Kate D. Notice what Rick's eating? TimTams: always makes
us think of you!)
A couple days later, the wind started to pick up and Cariba suggested we go check out the anchorage around the corner, off the tiny village of Maroe. And we said, "Why not?"

A view we are becoming very familiar with...
Up the channel to Maroe, Nyon trailing
behind, as usual


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I must say you two do not look old enough to be married that long! It must be your cruising lifestyle that keeps you young. :-)


    1. Thanks Don, we'll take that as a compliment!

  2. Hi guys, just checking in, catching up on the last half-dozen posts. Your words and pictures are still such a pleasure. We thought of you guys on Canada Day (in Prince Rupert) and think of you other days too, except Tuesdays for some reason--I don't remember ever thinking of you on a Tuesday. All the best from the DV crew! Michael

  3. Oh Michael, Tuesdays must be sad days for you... ;) WE loved your pictures of Alaska, everyone looks great! Are you going to be able to handle the Mexican heat after all the icebergs?? Hugs to the gang



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