Saturday, 1 June 2013

looking for perspective

Earlier this morning, I thought, if I were a 12 year old girl writing in my diary, I would have written something like this: "This sucks, I'm having a rotten day. I want to go home."

But I'm not 12 years old, this boat is my home, and my day wasn't all bad, it was more like a rotten hour here, a stinking 15 minutes there... Although I have to admit, I did cry over fruit. That wasn't one of my proudest moments. At first I thought my knot had slipped, but we owe the loss of our stash to chafing. Chafing is becoming the bane of my existence on passages. Anyway, the hammock let go in the middle of the night and there still is evidence of the carnage this morning. There is mango flesh all over the aft deck, only 6 mangoes survived.

Other than that, we've had issues with our windvane, which thanks to Rick hanging upside down over the transom for far too long, is once again in working order. The chafed genoa halyard is another matter. (See what I mean about chafing?) So far, we're managing as is, let's just say the genoa will remain reefed.

Now onto the positive, because there are always two sides to a coin. And I don't want to make this blog post a self-pity fest, (is it too late for that?). Let's see. Yesterday I sighted three rainbows, we still have pamplemousses and bananas, I didn't throw up, Rick is getting some well-earned rest, and we sailed 145 nm in 24 hours. I'd say that's mighty respectable.

On that note, onward sailors!

Position: 13* 38.817' S 142* 21.079' W
Distance: 145 nm
Heading: 201* T
Speed: 4.9 knots

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