Wednesday, 5 June 2013

it’s raining, it’s pouring, and we’re smiling

Hakatea from the rim

You can't tell but this was a very wet hike, they all were
Hakatea was wet. It rained, it rained again, and then it rained some more. But we loved it there. After all the work we’d been doing, we wanted to play, and play we did. We explored all over the place, forded rivers and waded through mud. Occasionally the sun would peek out and we would gratefully soak in its rays, however briefly. I even managed a yoga session on the bow, one blissfully sunny morning. Yet that same afternoon, it rained so hard we collected nearly 60 gallons of water. We had water to drink and water to do laundry with, (the laundry water was collected from our dinghy).

Goats are hunted here, they don't like us humans
(I don't think this one cares anymore)

Looking over the next door bay

A beautiful moonrise

The highlight of our stay here was the hike to the waterfall with Dennis and Barb (SV Landfall). We hiked among vibrant green plants and tall coconut trees; through the ruins of a settlement of long ago, and across the same river 6 times each way. There were trees with incredibly long roots, and other trees with undulating roots. There were cliffs, there were fields of greenery. It was beautiful.

Happy hikers

The village gardens were incredibly beautiful

Green might be my new favourite colour

The waterfall from afar

Getting our feet wet again and again
(Soon enough, we were wet from head to toe)

This one had a little more current

Someone was making fun of someone here, but I'm not sure
who or why

Barb and I, blissed out

As we got closer to the waterfall, there was
an enormous amount of spray

The guys, deciding they just had to get a closer look
On the way back, wait, what is that? Sun? Yeah baby!

When the skies clear, look up

Loved the play of light through the leaves

Muddy and scratched, we went home satisfied, after meeting Zachariah in the village who offered to supply us with fruit the next day for our trip to the Tuamotus. And so it was: a wet, luscious and muddy visit in Hakatea was probably the highlight of our stay in the Marquesas.We stayed there longer than we’d planned as we had to wait for a good weather window to leave for the Tuamotus, and it turns out, that was a good thing.

Zachariah helping us load up with fruit after we enjoyed
very bad coffee and good conversation with him

The edge of the village, when it's not raining

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