Sunday, 30 June 2013

inside an atoll

We. have. arrived.
The sky was grey that morning,  but it was time to head further south into the atoll. We decided to take our chances since we had waypoints to get down there. While underway, we saw a squall form, and then another. It got bouncy and wet for a while, especially for me at the bow, but we were fine.1 By the time we got to the loveliest spot we’ve been to so far in the Tuamotus, the rain stopped. Of course, the first thing we did was jump in the water with our snorkel gear.

Clear waters, lots of fish

We spent nearly a week in the southeastern corner of Tahanea. It was pure bliss. Bonfires under the light of the moon, snorkeling the nearby reefs, drinking coconut water, reading in the hammock, exploring ashore, crossing to “the other side” and looking out over the vast expanse that is the Pacific Ocean. I think for this bit we’ll let the photos do the talking.

1 We would have waited for sunshine had we not had the waypoints from the Soggy Paws Compendium. When we made our own route to the eastern anchorage in Makemo, we would not have considered leaving in bad weather, we left when the sun was high and allowed us to see coral heads clearly. When it’s overcast, the waters turn a steely grey and you can’t see coral heads well from afar. We had no problems crossing Tahanea, but I still kept watch at the bow.

Palm Tree!
It really looked like this.

The occasional cloud cover would quickly
Rick the explorer

Rick's sexy jungleman pose... (or so he thought)
(Kids don't hold a machete like this at home)

A glorious sunset, it's been a while I've posted one

Nyon, at rest

Here fishy, fishy

Aged coral

Flying our kite on a windy day

Nerding out with my kite

Dinghy sailing, a relaxing way to explore

Rick putting on his cardshark face

Last bonfire in Tahanea... by the full moon


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    When you meet those occasional people living out by themselves how do they make a living or do they live off the land with no need for money?


  2. These are amazing photos. Wow.



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