Sunday, 30 June 2013

go in, turn right

Yep, more gratuitous Palm tree and turquoise water shots...
The water is so clear in Tahanea, last night we could see coral heads 35 feet below Nyon
Pip Squeak waiting for our return
by moonlight. Seriously, how cool is that? We’ve been in the anchorage near the middle pass of Tahanea for three nights, waiting for skies to clear and the northerly winds to die down so we can head to the southeastern side of the atoll. While here, we collected rainwater (yep, it’s been raining on and off here too). We did 4 loads of laundry. We have been jumping off the boat into crystal clear waters during the bouts of sunshine and pretending we are card sharks during the rainy spells. We’ve explored ashore, and while walking on coral looking for coconuts, we wondered how anything grew here.

View from the shack ashore
At first, we were the only ones here. Now there are 5 boats in total. As strong winds were coming from the north, this anchorage was a good bet to sit out the nasty stuff. I do look forward to crossing the atoll and finding somewhere to park for a while. We want to fully enjoy this spot. Since we decided not to go to Fakarava before heading to Tahiti, we no longer feel rushed. And that my friends is our kind of cruising.1  

Yesterday, a Mahi Mahi (Dorado) was zipping around our boat terrorizing bait fish, it would leap out of the water and catch its preys with gusto. One poor fish found its demise because of Pip Squeak. Stunned after hitting our dinghy’s bottom, Rick saw the Mahi Mahi take advantage of the situation: no more bait fish. It was wild to watch from nearby and see it all so clearly. I’ll admit, we dreamt of sashimi as we watched the predator’s shimmering blue and green scales play with the light…

The shack. We met a couple guys that sometimes stay there.
They gave us fish.

Laundry day...

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