Sunday, 2 June 2013

back to our regular program

Today, the good news is that all is well aboard. We doused the main and are sailing with a reefed genoa. Our reduced speed will help time our arrival with the tides and daylight. At the rate we were going, we would have arrived in the middle of the night. We need good light to navigate among coral heads, and we want to time our arrival with the tides. To enter a pass at the wrong time is sheer madness. Let's hope our timing is just right.

With only 75 nm to go, I'm done mourning fruit and cursing Murphy. What a relief. It's a lot more fun to stare at the sea and dream of swimming in turquoise waters. See you on the other side of the atoll!

Position: 15* 28.133' S 143* 11.517' W
Distance: 122 nm
Heading: 200* T
Speed: 3.2 knots

1 comment:

  1. This was a nice short passage! With all the islands in this area you could be there for quite awhile.




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