Wednesday, 5 June 2013

a so very flat anchorage

Taking a break from boat chores never looked so good
Pip Squeak getting fixed
Our last island in the Marquesas, Nuku Hiva was all about contrasts. We had our teeth gritting days and we had our blissed out days. We stayed in three very different anchorages. The first was Anaho, a blissfully flat anchorage (a rarity in the Marquesas) on the northeast end of the island. It is surrounded with lovely mountains, and there is a small settlement near shore. Unfortunately, we spent most of our time there working on boat projects, including doing some major repairs on poor old Pip Squeak. That’s our dinghy. We swam daily and wandered ashore, but we spent disappointingly little time exploring this lovely spot as we ticked projects off our list. 

On the plus side, this is where we met our friends Barb and Dennis from SV Landfall. Dennis is a motorcycle riding, ballroom dancing dude who rounded Cape Horn last year. His partner Barb, met him when he was sailing off the East Coast, she’s from Newfoundland; she sold everything and quit her job to go adventuring with Dennis. Her first passage ever was 5000 nm and she liked it! (They sailed from Chili to French Polynesia). We laugh a lot with these two, and that’s always a bonus in our books.

Mama and babe enjoying the warm waters

Still a novelty, those palm trees

Barb and Dennis cooking us dinner aboard Landfall

Happy to be on land

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