Thursday, 30 May 2013

the next hop

Everyone this is our passage to the Tuamotus, passage to the Tuamotus, this is everyone. We have been underway since 0650 this morning. We were going to leave yesterday afternoon, but we didn't. We chose to finish a couple boat chores, have a nice dinner and watch what turned out to be a mediocre movie. After a good night's sleep, we bade farewell to the Marquesas.
There's a nice breeze propelling us toward the world of atolls and coral heads. We don't know how long it will take us to get there: a few days. I won't venture a guess, we'll see what the wind gods have in store for us. (See, Barb? I did learn from our Pacific crossing - I will not make predictions, I will not make predictions!)
After much deliberation, we have decided to first go to Makemo in the central Tuamotus. The Tuamotus are vast, there are 77 atolls in this archipelago. Some atolls are charted, some while on the charts, are not detailed enough for our comfort. We imagine we'll have time to explore 3 atolls before we move on to the Society Islands, (Tahiti, Bora Bora, etc.). We haven't decided yet which ones we'll explore beyond Makemo, we'll decide later.
For now, we're settling into our passage. The fishing lines are deployed, our hammock is laden with mangoes and pamplemousses, and two stalks of banana are hanging on the arch. The sun shade is up, the breeze as of 15 minutes ago is light, but we're hoping the forecast was right and that the wind will kick in again.

Position: 09* 17.117' S 140* 20.397' W
Distance: 23 nm (5 hours)
Heading: 200* T
Speed: 5.2 knots

P.S. Happy Birthday to our nephew Alex, and our niece Aquilina!

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