Monday, 27 May 2013

thank goodness it's not the rainy season

Hello World,

It's the Nyon crew here. We are still in Hakatea on Nuku Hiva. Our old boat has been getting intimate with her leaky self here. The skies have unleashed torrential downpour after downpour on us and the old girl this past week. All this rain reminds us of the Pacific Northwest, at least it is warm here.

At first, we hunkered down in the cabin with towels stuffed in every leaky corner. Then we somehow rediscovered our rainforest hardiness (after a year of Mexican desert living,) and went playing in the rain instead: best idea ever. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to ford rivers and come home covered in mud.

We are waiting for a good weather window to sail to the Tuamotus. There is practically no wind out there and the seas are sloppy. It is possible the conditions will improve by Wednesday. We hope to leave then for our 500 nm passage to the world of atolls, palm trees, and white sandy beaches.

What does this wait mean to us? It means we are going with the flow. We are glad to have chosen this particular anchorage. It's pretty and the hiking has been fabulous. (Andy and Dana, I especially thought of you two!)

We have a lot of exploring to do, boat jobs to finish, books to read, and friends (sailors and locals) to visit. Sure, we look forward to the Tuamotus. The promise of sunshine and clear, turquoise waters is definitely appealing. After days of rain, the run-off from the surrounding land has turned these waters murky. Yet, I have never seen such brilliant shades of green as we did on our hike to a 300 m waterfall some two hours inland. The rain and the wait may not be what we had anticipated, but it is the gift we have been given and we gladly accept it.

ASIDE: The last time we were in a town with Internet, we had no end of trouble trying to post new entries about our adventures and uploading photos made me want to tear my hair out.

We have more stories to share about the Marquesas and have decided we'll post them on the blog *sans* photos. Whenever we find Internet that's fast enough, we'll throw photos your way. We have some catching up to do and I miss writing regularly, so satellite posts it is. Hopefully, there won't be long periods of silence anymore.

We also want to thank everyone who has commented or sent us messages - we have not forgotten about you, we are playing catch up and we'll get to you, we promise. But first, I need to write back to my sister and we owe our friend KK a proper birthday e-mail.

"I sure am glad we didn't come here during the rainy season!" - Rick, after a week of downpours in Nuku Hiva.

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