Sunday, 5 May 2013

postcard from the edge

Making landfall feels like a lifetime away. We have been in French Polynesia for less than 2 weeks, and already we're in love.

We are submerged in a world made of dreams. Trees everywhere bend under the weight of their fruits, the air is thick with the pungent fragrance of tropical flowers and the sharp smell of drying copra. The incredible vistas are jaw-droppingly beautiful. (Just look up the Bay of Virgins on Fatu Hiva.) If I sound a little melodramatic, it's because I find these islands intoxicating.

We have met some very friendly folks here. The Marquesans are a warm and welcoming people - readily offering us rides, fruit, and gladly sharing their culture and history with us as soon as we start asking questions. The children we met have charmed us the way only children can, with their uninhibited candour and sense of humour.

Indeed there is no denying that we are smitten. Sure, the anchorages are often rolly and the air is heavy with humidity. Chasing leaks and mold have become a pastime on Nyon, but awe-inspiring moments win every time.

Looking back on the end of our passage: the frustrating frequency of squalls, the elation we felt when we glimpsed land for the first time, (tiny Fatu Huku), the fatigue after our arrival, we see it all as a rite of passage, an accomplishment to be proud of.

It is Sunday morning, we're indulging in a second cup of coffee, listening to African singer Youssou N'dour, while outside the incredible cliffs of Hanavave hug the shores in dramatic sweeps skyward. For this moment in time, we are grateful.

A smattering of passage statistics:

Distance Traveled: 2817 nm
Hours Traveled: 624h 29m
Days Traveled: 26
Motoring: 17.4 hours
Fastest Day: 145 nm
Slowest Day: 43 nm

NOTE: We have had no access to the Internet since leaving Atuona, we will share some of our stories and photos of the past two weeks with you once we arrive in Nuku Hiva.


  1. I can understand that feeling of accomplishment, and I guaranty it will stay with you forever.


  2. Hi Folks,
    Karina C aground in San Carlos and waiting for our return at the end of summer. We are working the B.C. Election and paying for our new solar panels. We hope to follow in your wake before too long. We have commitments that keep us in Mexico, but when they are over...
    Jay + Anita

  3. Must be about update time.


  4. Don, agreed. They're lined up in Bloggo but won't post on here for some reason. Trying to figure it out, wish I was more techie-savvy! Thanks for your patience!



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