Friday, 31 May 2013

a taste of humble pie

Yesterday, we sailed along the rainbow highway. Every time we'd glance over to port, there would be another rainbow, more spectacular than the last. I like to think of rainbows as good omens.

Imagine my surprise when I experienced what I would consider my worst case of seasickness ever. The seas were a little sloppy, but I've been fine in much worst conditions. I've only been seasick a handful of times, and usually that would mean headaches and a touch of nausea. Well, I made up for that yesterday! I was violently ill all day. It kind of put a damper on things... During my overnight watch, I managed to feel better by staring at the sea for hours - no reading, no writing. No distractions at all. That gives you a lot of time to think.

Today is touch and go, but I definitely am doing better, good enough to write a blog post anyhow. Rick on the other hand, has never been seasick. There are lots of bananas, rice and beans to keep him fed, I'll stick to crackers for now. What can I say, it's humbling. The sea, once again, has shown me who's master.

The good news is, there was plenty of wind for the past 24 hours - the Tuamotus are getting closer and closer. And, the sun is shining bright.

Position: 11* 31.888' S 141* 20.155' W
Distance: 150 nm
Heading: 200* T
Speed: 4.6 knots

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