Sunday, 7 April 2013

day 9 - a new direction

Written by Rick

We are in a world where the changes are small. Eight days on one tack. The wind speed and direction varies a little. The boat speed varies a little too. The sky is cloudy but bright. There are no constellations to guide us; no outside indicators to suggest we are actually going anywhere.

We have our two chart plotters and our trusty old GPS to tell us that we are gradually creeping across the Pacific Ocean, but that is all.

Yesterday afternoon, it was time to turn. We had to change course and shift from West Southwest to South Southwest, so we gybed. One third of the way there. This turning point had nothing to distinguish itself from another point on the ocean. We trust it is right, because our instruments tell us it is.

Our place in the world has become abstract. We have no reference for where we are, just an icon on the screen. The strange thing is that we are completely comfortable with that.

Position: 13* 40.820' N - 124* 56.879' W
Distance in 24hrs: 121 nm
Heading: 210 T
Speed: 4.7 knots

1 comment:

  1. One day is like the next on those long passages, and all cloud cover makes it a little bit boring to me. The longer the passage the more endurance it takes, but when you finally get to where you're going the feeling of accomplishment is great.



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