Saturday, 6 April 2013

day 8 - frivolities

I didn't bake bread yesterday. I started reading a trashy novel and eating chocolate. Sometimes, that's what this sailor needs. Rick has been watching all the violent movies I won't watch, and eating chocolate too. I'm telling you this, just so you know that we're not always pondering the meaning of life out here on the big blue.

Sometimes it is just about passing the time or needing a necessary distraction from the incredibly dark night that surrounds you at 0400 hours. When the other half of the crew is sleeping and you're craning your neck, looking for anything remotely recognizable out there, and all you see is nothingness, a bit of frivolity might just be what you need . Stars do occasionally peek through the clouds, and the moon itself sometimes shows up, but it has been sulking and shrinking for the most part. So yeah, we have 1800 nautical miles to go and Nyon is a tiny speck on a vast ocean. Uh huh.

What I really would like to know is, would I love "St Elmo's Fire" as much as I did as a teenager, if I watched it now? I guess there is only one way to find out. Forget the stars, it's time for a date with the Brat Pack!

P.S. It turns out, the answer is no. Andrew McCarthy is still my favourite though.

Position: 15* 11.143' N - 123* 48.635' W
Distance in 24hrs: 132 nm
Heading: 243 T
Speed: 6.2 knots

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