Friday, 5 April 2013

day 7 - it's all about perspective

I'm debating how I should note the passing of a whole week at sea. Clean laundry is exciting (trust me, it is), but it hardly feels like a "Way to go, you've lasted 7 days at sea!" commemoration.

Maybe I'll bake some bread. I mentioned in an e-mail to my mother that it always seems like the waves get a little rowdier whenever I tackle a task at the galley counter, I have a feeling Rick would agree, considering some of the colourful language that's come out of his mouth when it's been his turn to cook dinner. I have juggled, stumbled and dropped in my attempts to produce meals: until today. Today, was a turning point, I showed agility I didn't know I possessed. I wasn't cooking but I was shaving my leg while standing on one leg, a feat of unimaginable proportions a mere two days ago. (Sure, I used the butt strap - and before you let your imagination run wild, it's simply a strap that keeps us from flying across the cabin, and does offer some extra stability.) Still,you have to move "with the boat" to keep steady.

Now you know I shaved my legs and did laundry today, and that I may very well bake some bread too. And you thought this life of adventure was glamorous and exciting. Well, it is. Just not always for the reasons you might think.

Position: 15 49.891' N - 121 40.694' W
Distance in 24hrs: 109 nm
Heading: 245 T
Speed: 5.1 knots


  1. So how did you do your laundry?


  2. Ha! Hilarious Kyra! What a great peek into the 'glamorous' world of cruising. We check your progress daily and are rooting for you all the way!



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