Thursday, 4 April 2013

day 6 - neither here nor there

There is a silver lining - I'm not kidding - on the horizon, the sun has crept past the carpet of grey clouds and a bright dash of silver is cutting the sea and sky in two. It's actually quite striking.

What else can I tell you... We've had lighter winds overnight, the kind that don't always manage to fill the sails with every roll - I have to admit it's just plain irritating. Repeatedly, you hear a ruffle in the sail, the boat continues rolling and the sail slaps loudly in an effort to catch up, causing the boat to vibrate: it's jarring. The whisker pole helps to keep the sail stretched, but until the winds fill in, we continually adjust the sail as we wait to leave this pocket of lighter winds behind.

This morning's watch has been busy, I've been doing the usual watch activities and crossing a few small projects off my list. While I still enjoy gazing out at the sea, I have begun to need feeling productive - in a puttery sort of way. I'm sure puttery is not a word, but I bet you know exactly what I mean. Rick is recovering from a night of slapping sails and is sleeping soundly, I think. I've been trying, only semi-successfully, to keep loud bangs and crashes to a minimum.

Last night, I made quesadillas, mainland-style with guacamole. It was pretty awesome. I know I will miss Mexican food as our stores become depleted, but, we'll apply the same approach on the islands as we did in Mexico... "When in Rome..."

For now, we're in the middle of nowhere, neither Rome nor Mexico... Between two worlds.

Position: 16 24.357' N - 119 54.297' W
Distance in 24hrs: 119 nm
Heading: 245 T
Speed: 4.7 knots

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  1. I predict .... before the sopac sailing season is over, you'll have a newfound love with Spam



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