Wednesday, 3 April 2013

day 5 - what is and what will be

This is that time in the journey when the days begin to blend together. As I've said before, the differences in our days are subtle, more wind, less wind, pasta or rice, that kind of thing. I keep asking myself, am I bored yet? Maybe restless, but not bored. I imagine what's coming. I've begun having all kinds of dreams in French, with weird Mexican elements and fanciful tropical islands. I keep wondering what it will be like "over there." I have to remind myself to be here, to live this moment. Crossing the Pacific in itself is a unique kind of experience, one to be relished. I think it's pretty wild that we're over 600 nautical miles from Mexico, the nearest mass of land.

Rick on the other hand, does what Ricks do: he goes with the flow. He spends his time negotiating comfort and productivity with the constant motion of the boat. He has yet to find the energy to fish or have weird dreams. He's okay with that, the enforced structure of passagemaking is still a novelty.

P.S. Happy birthday to our nephew Kyle! And happy birthday to our friend Trisha too!

Position: 17 11.977' N - 118 03.826' W
Distance in 24hrs: 127 nm
Heading:232 T
Speed: 6.1 knots

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  1. Thanks for thinking of me! I've been thinking about you a lot. I love the daily posts! Miss you both.



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