Monday, 1 April 2013

day 3 - think small

I have set a goal for myself: mastering drinking out of my wide-mouth water bottle without wearing half its contents. That, or finding my spill-proof one. The ocean around us is vast, but aboard Nyon, it's all about the small stuff.

We both have developed our little routines. Wake up, wash up, get dressed, PFD goes on, and then sit in the cockpit. Under the dodger, that's key. If we don't, we risk getting hit by a rambunctious wave that makes it over the side, right Rick?

I scan the horizon, I check the numbers: position, speed over water, wind speed, distance traveled, etc. Following that, I have a tough decision to make: podcast or book? Eventually, a snack is in order, I check the horizon again, make a slight adjustment to the foresail or to our heading. Once again, I read, listen, or just stare at the blue seascape, and so it goes. Every 4 hours, we switch - there is always one person on watch. On my 0800-1200 watch, I write a blog update. We eat our main meal together early evening, taking turns to prepare a hot dish, otherwise we grab snatches of sleep and food throughout the day and night. It's not glamorous, but we feel a sense of contentment with every little thing we accomplish.

The wind has been hovering just above or below 15 knots in the past 24 hours, we're enjoying the fact that it's now aft of the beam, and the sun mostly shines through scattered clouds. We wear our foulies (jackets only) at night, to take the edge off the damp wind. Otherwise we wear shorts, t-shirts and hoodies.

Sightings so far on this crossing: 4 freighters, 3 birds, and a pod of spinner dolphins while we were still hovering near the Mexican coast.

P.S. Joyeux Anniversaire Armelle!

Position: 19 47.689' N - 114 16.810' W
Distance in 24hrs: 142 nm
Heading: 236 T
Speed: 6.4 kts

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  1. I have the same difficulty. Some friends of mine designed these neat little things for nalgenes. Google "Guyot SplashGuard" if you're interested. Of course, I still manage to water myself, but we all have our talents. Fair winds, Colin -- S/V Mimi Rose



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